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Year 4

Home Learning Activities


Maths, Writing and Reading activities will be added in the folders below each week for you to access, as well as a Topic and Science lesson.  A list of websites which you might find useful can be found on the home learning page.


This is an unusual time and I think it would be lovely for us all to keep a daily journal of what we get up to each day. Please continue to access your Doodle Maths daily and keep that mental recall of your times tables strong. 


I hope you enjoy learning from home and am looking forward to seeing you back in school soon!


Miss Pearson



Week 2


Morning Cedar Class!

I hope that you have had an enjoyable week at home and have managed to get outside and enjoy some of the sunshine. As I write this note, it is trying to snow outside...crazy! I thought I would show you a picture of the project I have started this week. My garden is a bit like the garden belonging to 'The Twits' in Roald Dahl's book.


"What do you think of that ghastly garden? Mrs Twit was the gardener. She was very good at growing thistles and stinging-nettles. “I always grow plenty of spiky thistles and plenty of stinging-nettles,” she used to say. “They keep out nasty nosey little children.”


It's a race against the nettles, but this is as far as I have got.


I love to draw as well. Here's a photo of one of my doodles.




As it was Earth Hour at the weekend, I have uploaded a link for some crafty activities which I think you might enjoy in addition to some extra learning tasks in the folders below for Week 2. 


Have fun, stay safe and have a great week!

Miss Pearson


P.s. If you haven't read The Twits by Road Dahl, I would really recommend it. It was a favourite of mine when I was young! :-)



The WWF website has a fantastic range of activities, quizzes and resources about the planet and nature. How well do you think you know our forests, oceans, species and environment?


Follow the link below to test your knowledge.

Daily Story Time

Daily Story Time 1

30 Day Lego Challenge for all you Lego Lovers out there!

Quote of the Week

Week 1

Week 2


Joke of the Week


What did the left eye say to the right eye?

Answer: Between us, something smells!


When you look for something, why is it always in the last place you look?

Answer: Because when you find it, you stop looking.