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Week 4

Welcome to the Wonderous Week 4!


We are setting your imaginations WILD AND FREE today with a very special Story Selector grid. 



Here is a little story starter to warm up your eyes and inspire your brains. Could you do better?

Once upon a time, the witch flew past Sleeping Beauty's magnificent castle. All of a sudden she spottedterrifying Gruffalo and toppled off her broom into Peter Rabbit's enormous garden. Luckily she landed in a soft bed of lettuce. Unfortunately, Thumper was just about to nibble on that very leaf and munched a huge chunk of the witch's expensive magic wand instead!



Take a look at the grid ideas, what takes your fancy?! This adventure is entirely in your hands...

  • Select a setting
  • Choose a character
  • Pick an object


I wonder how many describing adjectives and other wow words you can include? You can use as many suggestions from the story selector as you like - or even NONE AT ALL! If there are just too many to choose from, you could ask a family member to pick a number between 1 and 4 for setting, character and object.


Remember, your BIG WRITE environment is super special:

  • clear all distractions; turn the tv off and head away from brothers and sisters for a bit
  • find somewhere comfy to sit or lay on your tummy
  • play a little relaxing music softly in the background
  • maybe your home has a diffuser, incense sticks, or a scented candle that an adult can set up somewhere safely for you - this really helps to set the mood in the classroom laugh
  • start a timer; 30 minutes was our Y1 target in Aspen last term - what will your goal be?


Ready? Steady? WRITE!