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Week 1

Aspen and Larch, we are breaking with tradition today and are continuing with a Literacy task INSTEAD of BIG WRITE. Here is the link to get you back home to Max's Literacy page:


Catch it!


To Me, to You...Can you catch it? It's that time again guys, and this week Year Two we are going it alone as Year R and 1 are off on their own writing adventures. So, I found us the perfect video to inspire our writing and it's even got some more of Sunny's relatives in it. 


This is a tale of a group or mob of meerkats that lovingly tend to a beloved and unique fruit in the middle of the savannah. 
One day, however, their peaceful existence is disrupted by a vulture intent on stealing their pride and joy. Will the meerkats be able to get it back?


For your Big Write this week, I would like to you retell the story of this meerkat family. You will need to include a description of the savannah (grassland) habitat and the beautiful African plains where this story is set. (Use your research from yesterday's english lesson to help with this).


I would also like you to drop in some of your knowledge about meerkats as you describe the characters in the story. Don't forget to include how the characters are feeling at different points throughout and you might even be able to include some dialogue between the meerkats. What might they say to one another when the vulture first steals their beloved fruit and begins to fly away with it clutched in its claws, for example?

Remember, your BIG WRITE environment is super special:

  • clear all distractions; turn the tv off and head away from brothers and sisters for a bit
  • find somewhere comfy to sit or lay on your tummy
  • play a little relaxing music softly in the background
  • maybe your home has a diffuser, incense sticks, or a scented candle that an adult can set up somewhere safely for you - this really helps to set the mood in the classroom 
  • start a timer; 40 minutes was our Y2 target in Poplar Class at school - what will your goal be?


Ready? Steady? WRITE!



You are very welcome to use the BIG WRITE paper provided below or, if you have a RED school book with handwriting lines, save a tree and write straight into there!