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Guess Who?



How many of these faces do you recognise?


WALT: Use historical models to make judgements about significance and impact of a historical individual


A Dawson’s model is a set of five statements that help historians to decide if a person is historically significant. A person is historically significant if their actions match most of these statements.The five statements are:


Statement 1: They made big changes in their lifetime.

Statement 2: They made a lot of people’s lives better or worse.

Statement 3: They changed the way people think.

Statement 4: Their ideas are still used today.

Statement 5: They were a very good or a very bad role model.


Task One:

Use the statements in Dawson’s model to decide if someone is historically significant. Read through the information about the nine people pictured above and begin to compare them by ticking off which statements you think applies to them. Remember, a person is considered to be historically significant if their actions match most of these five statements.