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Kitchen Table: Place Value A

Remember, I will use a variety of maths resources from school but also real-life items too. We don't expect you to have dienes, counters or numicon at home - straws, cocktail sticks and egg box ten frames are just as good. So long as your child can pick them up, count them and replicate what I do yes.


Kitchen Table Maths: Place Value 1

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Righty ho, on with the show (no, not snow wink).


This week we are exploring PLACE VALUE. Time to understand a little more about how numbers larger than 10 are made. What are they made of? How can you show them? Are there any tips and tricks to help...of course!


This video demonstrates how we can save time when counting numbers 11-19 by starting straight off with the ten already made and counted:

  • 16 is the number and how it looks for number sentences 
  • sixteen is the word and how it sounds
  • 16 is made of 10 and 6
  • 16 is made of 1 ten and 6 ones


There are lots of different manipulatives (resources) we use at school when showing place value. As your kitchen table probably doesn't have many of them, here is one of our favourite websites It is called MathsBot and essentially has lots of maths interactive whiteboards filled with different manipulatives. I have highlighted the six resources most appropriate for place value:

  • Counters - Place Value
  • Dienes Blocks
  • Number Frames (same shapes as Numicon but different colours)
  • Place Value Cards
  • Rekenrek (like rows of bead strings, with the beads coloured in 5s)
  • Ten Frame



TASK: In her video, Mrs Jax used a range of maths manipulatives and real items to make her numbers. Below I have used MathsBot to do the same. Do you think you can make 14 just like I did? Then hunt out some lolly sticks/ cocktail sticks/ straws in your house and make 14 with those too? Remember we don't need to count 1-10 anymore, we can touch a bundle and just say 10 before we carry on to 11 and beyond.


I wonder if you could make other numbers from 11-20...?