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The Vikings: create your own project! 

(This project will last you well into the summer term - please don't think you have to complete it all this week!)


You’ve had a basic introduction to the Vikings.

You know all about the Anglo-Saxons (AD 449 – AD 1066) and you’ve got a pretty good idea about how and why the Vikings arrived in Britain and how long they stayed (AD 793 – AD 1066).

You’ve learned a lot about their lives and beliefs through reading the first few chapters of Viking Boy (good luck, Gunnar!) and the first few stories in Norse Myths (who knew Loki was so sneaky?).

Now you’re learning from home and you’re wondering what to do next…….

1) Create a title page for your Viking project! Make it big and bold,

use amazing calligraphy and illustrate it with pictures of all things Viking!

What about a border to enclose your work?


2) You will need to research every aspect of Viking life for your project.

Luckily there are all sorts of informative websites out there!

Try BBC bitesize:

or homework help:


3) Decide where you would like to begin. Think about the following pages 

you could include in your project: 

 - Viking homes

 - Viking clothes

 - Viking gods 

 - Viking food and drink

 - Viking daily life

 - Viking weapons and jewellery


You can present your learning however you like! Use pens and paper to create a book, or work on a Powerpoint to bring your learning together. You can find some useful links and activities below: