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Welcome to the Summer Term all you big cats out there.


We are now using our Google Classroom so please log in there to find all you work for each day. We can also chat to one another as we work so it's great to hear everyone again.


Winston's Maths is back with a Winston's VE Day Special. If you are interested in wartime rations or in making the eggless fruit cake then please see the resources below.


Whatever you do for maths, do let me know what you're up to and send me some pictures either through our Google Classroom or to Thank you to all of you who have been in touch - it's great to hear from you. 


Have a great week and enjoy the VE Day Anniversary albeit in a different way to normal.


Winston's VE Day Maths - Wartime Resources

Puzzles From The Cats

Translation Project

Translation Picture Puzzle

Translation Challenge

Translation Stinker Challenge - discover how vectors work

Year 5 - Week beginning April 20th

These lessons will consolidate multiplication and division including lowest common multiples and highest common factors

Year 6 - Week beginning April 20th

These lessons will revise percentages of amounts and consolidate area, volume and scale factors

Year 5 - Week beginning March 30th

Year 6 - Week beginning March 30th