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Week 2 


This week in Science we would like the children to be exploring mammals and their characteristics. Please share the slides below with your child, pointing out that whilst many mammals have similar features, they can look very different. 


Year R - (Worksheet 2A) Please label the pictures of mammals using the word bank.



Year 1 - (Worksheet 2B) Please label the pictures of the mammals and write a sentence to describe a similarity or difference between them. 


If you really want to challenge yourself, please use Worksheet 2C to write a sentence comparing each of the animal pairs. 


Fancy something different? 

Give your child the classification key (Worksheet 2D) and a copy of the Picture Cards. The children can then select a card and use thee classification key to identify which animal it is. 


By the end of this session, you child should be able to : 

Identify various mammals

Name various mammals 

Compare various mammals



Week 1
In science we have been learning about our senses, our bodies and how we change over time from a newborn to elderly. This week we would like the children to go through the attached powerpoint discussing each animal and their offspring. Please print and play the flashcard game attached or the children could draw or paint animals with their babies. Year 1, you could research online (with an adult) animals that don't look anything like their parents!                                                                      
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