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T3: Literacy

enlightened Psst... Guess what? enlightened

It's TERM 4 now! If you are looking for our brand new learning, head over to the new Literacy folder here:




The Paper Dolls 

Term 3 Weeks 1-3



Term 3 began with a narrative focus on the gorgeous story 'The Paper Dolls' by Julia Donaldson. Ticky and Tacky and Jackie the Backie and Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow leapt into our lives to share their paper-based adventures. YOU WERE BRILLIANT AT LEARNING YOUR STORY MAPS AND WRITING YOUR OWN INNOVATIONS, we hope you enjoyed this unit as much as we did.


Welcome to the world of NON-FICTION 

Term 3 Weeks 4-6

Term 3 continued with a non-fiction focus on autobiographies.


From Wk4 until the half term holiday, we were learning all about non-fiction (information) texts.

What do you already know, I wonder?

  • Did you know that different books (other than stories) even existed?
  • Did you know libraries have whole sections full of non-fiction books? They even file them separately to fiction!
  • Do you have any non-fiction books in your own home? Or have you spotted any at school before?
  • Have you ever read a non-fiction book from your coloured book band box? Or picked a non-fiction bedtime book?


Hope you loved it!



Fancy some SPLASH activities linked to The Paper Dolls?

Look at all these wonders...


Share the Story

Read aloud
Ask someone at home to read the book aloud (or listen to it read aloud online) pausing so you can talk about what is happening in the story or pictures. Pause when the boy cuts up the dolls. What would you like to happen next?


Join in!
Once you become more familiar with the story you could join in as you listen, don’t forget to add in lots of
exciting sound effects and voices with the paper dolls’ song and the words of the dinosaur, tiger and crocodile eg ‘I’m coming to crunch you!


Talk about the story

  • Talk about the different dolls and the names for them, what might each of them be like?
  • Can you spot the butterfly slide on every page?
  • Talk about the boy cutting the dolls up. Why might another child (boy or girl) do something like that?
  • Talk about how the little girl might have felt at different points in the story.
  • Share memories; what special things (toys, places, or people) do children remember or which nice things would they like to remember when they grow up? Talk about your own childhood memories. Did an adult teach you to make something special?



Get Creative

Make paper dolls
You could make your own chain of paper dolls
. You could follow the instructions on 
or or use the pictures in the book to guide you so that some dolls are wearing trousers and some dresses. You could then decorate and name them, making sure each one is special and different.


Make your own story
Can you make up a story with your own paper dolls – perhaps the dolls will be in danger from a scary animal attack. You could play the story together using a toy or improvised glove/sock puppet (oven glove perhaps?!) for the imminent danger to the dolls!


Make a story book
You could even dictate or write your paper doll adventure story in a zig zag book and illustrate it.


Make a memory box
Using a shoebox, gather together a few special things, objects, photographs and drawings. Perhaps you could decorate the box to make it look special with wrapping paper and label it ‘my memory box’. Film yourself explaining all about your
memory box and what is inside – post it up onto Dojo for us all to watch. This would be an opportunity for older family members to share memories with your child too.




Find out about the record-breaking longest chain of paper dolls made in 2013 @

Maybe you could make a really long chain of paper dolls too! Perhaps your brothers or sisters could help.


Read more books by author Julia Donaldson @

Titles with activities on are:

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Read more books by Rebecca Cobb @  


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