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Project Runway!


Step forward. Stand proud. Shout loud. Stay fabulous. Nothing is gonna hold us down, Aspen and Larch.     We may be back at home but for Monday and Tuesday we still belong together, as classmates, as a team. Let's finish this term with a bang! The theme is 'THIS. IS. ME.' and we are celebrating every single one of you superstars, as we wave goodbye to our rollercoaster year and hello to a fresh new future.


At school, we would have been hosting a mini Sports Day, museum walks to end our dinosaur topic, class parties and tying up loose ends with reading levels. Just because we can't be together, doesn't mean disaster - in fact, I think it just got a whole lot cooler (definitely needed with the weather this weekend!).



Welcome to PROJECT RUNWAY, the home of fashion meets fabulous meets future meets YOU! We challenge you to design and make your very own THIS IS ME outfit and strut, flounce or whizz down the catwalk. All your new teachers are desperate to get to know who you are, what you love and makes you tick. Through colour, shape, texture and attitude, this task will show you off at your very best and give you a super fun whale of a time as you do it!


Here is your challenge brief:

  • explore the story collections below. Watch/read a few books that appeal to you and discuss with family what they are all about. Each collection surrounds a theme; This is Me, Feelings are Real, Growing Up, School Days. How does each theme relate to how you feel right now? Ask someone to help you make notes in all or some of the categories. 
  • plan your plan! Go on a ME HUNT around the house, looking for items that are super special and represent something about you. Perhaps a certificate or medals, beavers uniform, football boots, lego minifig, princess dress, personalised story book - there is no right or wrong answer here!
  • design laugh. Look closely at your notes and special items - you need to translate these items into your outfit. Use the t-shirt design template (attached below) and go wild with your ideas. Lots of colour and notes about different fabrics and textures you could use to embellish your creation and make it EVEN MORE YOU! Remember, when we designed our Sockasaurus Rex, those plans were beautiful to look at and fascinating to read - you really thought carefully about how to show off his features and make him stand out. That is the standard we are looking for here.
  • ready, steady, make! The choice is yours at this point...
    • If you have materials at home (that your family are happy for you to use), we thought it would be awesome if you could recreate your design on a REAL TSHIRT. You could colour, sew, pin, glue, even sellotape would work. Work carefully from your picture plan, making sure you include every special aspect. When you think you have finished, take a final look in the mirror. Add one more touch of wonder to your masterpiece!
    • If you are unable to create your own, you can fashion your own instead. Head to your wardrobe and chest of drawers, what can you find that just screams THIS IS ME. We would love you to put together an outfit from a mis-match of all your favourite clothes that demonstrates who you are as a characterful person. Perhaps a riding hat with ballet shoes, England shirt, Churchill tie and Batman shorts! Your clothes should be carefully chosen - EVERY item must have meaning behind it please.
  • strut your stuff heart. Now your fashion is fabulous, it is time to share your masterpieces with the world (well, our Class Dojo worlds of 30 children!). 
    • Find a long walkway in your house or garden; I'm thinking hallway, landing, garden path... and practise strutting your stuff. Think about how you are showing off your garment/s, perhaps pick a spot that your camera person will be in and take a slow whirl around there, holding out an aspect you are particularly proud of. Stick on your favourite piece of music to add a little bounce to your flounce.
    • When you have practised and you feel beyond perfect, take to the floor one last time and FILM! Please upload your final cut to Dojo along with a photograph of your t-shirt design. If the file is too large, use the website and email to
    • We are going to be collating every single catwalk clip into class montages, setting them to funky soundtracks, ready before the beginning of the new term for you and your new teachers to share. They won't BELIEVE how cool, confident and interesting their new classes are going to be.
  • extra footage... If you feel like stretching to Year 1 or 2, we would love you to record an interview explaining all about your special outfit. Can you talk us through why each panel/item is there? What does your colour or pattern choice say about you? Who or what inspired your look? If you chose to make an outfit from existing clothes, perhaps you could talk us through your drawn design, so we can share in all your hard work.

Hot off the design table - here is a little inspiration for you!

What in the world would you choose to add to an outfit that screams THIS IS ME?



Fancy some musical motivation? Here are a few of my favourite suggestions. Let me know via Dojo if you have any other suggestions to get your friends rocking and rolling...

Express Yourself

This Is Me (From "Camp Rock")

We're All In This Together (From "High School Musical")