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Week 2

Welcome to BIG WRITE Week 2! 


Miss Francis, Miss Pearson and I lit up when we read your electrifyingly poisonous stories about the dastardly mad scientist and his hilariously cheeky minion slaves


Can you see what I did there? Your amazing writing inspired me to use my own phenomenal vocabulary. I wonder what today will bring…?

Book of butterflies - Michael Leunig

Book of Butterflies by Michael Leunig

We have a mini animation to share with you during our class Morning Meets, entitled ‘Book of Butterflies’. This short clip follows a man with a passion for reading. After a rather dull start to his day, things might just be ‘colouring’ up laugh.


The book opened and the butterflies flew up, up, up into the sky…

How could you continue on from this story start?

Try including fabulous adjectives like:

  • biggest
  • largest
  • brightest
  • smallest
  • prettiest
  • quickest 


Perhaps you would like to use the video as a stimulus (inspirational idea) for an original (new) story of your own about a book that came to life. 

     What would happen if lions and tigers came out of the book into the room? What would happen if fish came out?? (would you have to scoop them up quickly and plop them into a tank?)


We can’t wait to see where your imagination will take you; to a funny land, a sad place, a scary destination or somewhere in between. 



Remember, your BIG WRITE environment is super special:

  • clear all distractions; turn the tv off and head away from brothers and sisters for a bit
  • find somewhere comfy to sit or lay on your tummy
  • play a little relaxing music softly in the background
  • maybe your home has a diffuser, incense sticks, or a scented candle that an adult can set up somewhere safely for you - this really helps to set the mood in the classroom wink
  • start a timer; 30 minutes was our Y1 target in Aspen last term - what will your goal be?


Ready? Steady? WRITE!



Fancy a few SPLASH activities linked to our amazing animation?