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Significant Events

Ready for your next mission? Look over your shoulder to check no-one is sneaking a peek and then scroll in...


The last one! Then the files can be complete and detective gear put away for another year! 


Secret FILE #1000 - News presenter/reporter 

Time to shine your magnifying glass and transform into a news presenter. πŸ”πŸ—žπŸ“°



  • Significant 
  • Presenter 
  • Research 


We shall begin with an info video. Come close...


TASK 1: Pick an event that you think you are going to be interested in. Photos of the events are attached below. Choose one that you could research. 


TASK 2: Research

Research on the internet some information about this significant event.


TASK 3: Present like a news reporter.  


Present your information like as a news reporter. You could make a powerpoint, you could make a poster, you could just talk about the pictures and some facts or write a newspaper article. FOR EXTRA points you could use your non fiction knowledge and create a fact file about the event! Be as creative as you like! 


Remember everything you have learnt about internet safety this week. Ensure that websites are safe to look at. If you are not sure about something!  




PARENTS: Encourage your child to talk about the significant event and why this was important in history.  Invite them to ask and answer questions, such as:

  • What happened? 
  • Who was involved? 
  • What did they find out? 


When you are finished, why not find someone in your family to share your work. 


Good Luck with your mission , see you on Dojo.




You have completed all of the missions! You should be proud as you have kept this undercover for so long! 


Take off the uniform and have a break! 

Significant Event Photos