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Winter Sleep - A Hibernation Story


What is hibernation?

Ask the children to share their initial thoughts about this and how this might be linked to the main title Winter Sleep?


What’s the difference between going to sleep overnight, like we do, and hibernation?

Do you know anything that hibernates? 


Now, watch the BBC Studios video Winter Hibernation, Winter’s Tale below. Think about what you have seen.

- What more have you learnt about hibernation from this video?

- What animals have you seen that hibernate?

- Why do you think they do this?


Hibernating animals enter a state of inactivity by:

- slowing their heart rate and breathing

- lowering their body temperature and metabolism 

Answer in full sentences the answers to the following questions.

1. What is hibernation?

2. What happens in hibernation?

3. Which animals hibernate?

4. Why do animals hibernate?

5. When does hibernation happen?

6. What do I want to find out?

Day 2


Imagine that you are the child staying with granny Sylvie and you want to write a letter home.



Today we are planning a letter. Please use the frame below to record your ideas.