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Kitchen Table: Subtraction B

Remember, I will use a variety of maths resources from school but also real-life items too. We don't expect you to have piles of counters, cubes or numicon at home - corks, stones and even pennies are just as good. So long as your child can pick them up, shuffle them around and count them yes.



Kitchen Table Maths: Subtraction with Number TRACK

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Another Jax + Jax Productions just for you.

Here is your next subtraction session: it's NUMBER TRACKS!


You already know how to use a track to add (you JUMP forwards, up, along the numbers to the RIGHT). Subtraction uses the EXACT SAME number track and the EXACT SAME jumping BUT this time we will be:

  • jumping backwards
  • down the numbers
  • along to the LEFT <----


Let's follow one of the video number sentences as an example to warm you up: 8 - 5 =

  • Use a marker (Mrs Jax had a green flat marble today, what will you choose?) on starting number 8 
  • JUMP <---- left 5 times. Remember, jump FIRST then count. 1 2 3 4 5.
  • Take a look...what number did you land on?

8 - 5 = 3


Fantastic! So now you know HOW to subtract using a number track, it is time to practise, practise, practise. You can make up your own number sentences (stay around 10 for now, we are heading higher soon, I promise!), roll a dice, ask a family member for numbers, or have a go at the list in the document below. Happy subtracting...

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Our very own subtraction superhero, Roman! He beat Mrs Jax to making her video - already using his number track to have a go at answering his own subtraction sentences.



Kitchen Table Maths: Subtraction with Number LINE

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Still image for this video

If number tracks are ticked off your subtraction list then we must be leaping onto NUMBER LINES next.


Just like tracks, the rules with subtraction on a number line are pretty much the same:

  • Always travel backwards (LEFT <----) in subtraction
  • JUMP first, THEN count
  • Remember, to bounce from NUMBER to NUMBER. Don't fall down the gaps in between or your answer will be wrong...


Mrs Jax also reminded us of our #1 subtraction rule: always start with the LARGEST number first:

  • 6 - 7 = nope! 
  • 7 - 6 = perfect yes


Have a go for yourself with your own number lines and subtraction sentences, or test out some more on the ultimate sheet above.




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Still image for this video

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You loved it so much last week and you've worked so hard on your subtraction, we thought you deserved another QUIZMASTER CHALLENGE! Do you have what it takes to beat the quizmaster's questions? AGAIN?


Grab some:

  • counting resources
  • subtraction and equals signs
  • paper and a pencil
  • at least 3 of your best listening ears wink
  • your luckiest socks!


It is time for the Question Quiz10 real-life subtraction questions featuring some of our best loved tv and story characters. Watch and listen carefully, then click pause between questions while you work out your answer. Take your time. Use your resources to help you MAKETAKE and COUNT. Then write the number sentences down too, using numicon as well if you like. Beat the quizmaster! Good Luck!!