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Week 6

That's a wrap!


Guys you made it! It's Week 6 and our final Big Write of this half term. Whoop! Whoop!

You have all done such an amazing job, and have enabled us teachers to explore the wonderful worlds of your imagination, so a big well done and a big thank you.  


But before you pop your pencils away in your pencil cases we have one final challenge for you. Are you ready? Let me tell you why this week's Big Write is a little bit special. One of the hardest skills to teach and to learn is being able to read back through our own writing, edit and improve it. So....Do you love to write? Or is writing a nightmare for you? Either way, it is among the most important skills for you to build. Writing and storytelling are NOT easy. They take effort, time, practice and the courage to get creative. This week we are going to be taking one of our stories and revising it to make it even better.


So, the first step is for you to choose a story that you would like to edit and revise.




Have you chosen? Great. Now start by reading all the way through your story, from start to finish. These are some of the things to look out for as you edit.


📝 Have you used your phonics to spell?

📝 Do your sentences have punctuation: Capital letters and full stops?

📝 Do your sentences make sense? Have you included a verb?

📝 A strong story has a clear beginning, middle and ending. Does yours?


Now you have finished reading through, checking, editing and adding to your original story, write your new revised version out in your neatest handwriting. All done? Give it one last read through to make sure you are happy with it and then upload it to Dojo to put a great big smile on your teacher's face. Reading stories is one of our most favourite things to do! 😀