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Week 2

The Invisible String: Colour activity

The book is the story of a string (made by love) that connects us all. As we do our part by staying apart, children may be missing family and friends. Try this activity to reassure children that we are all connected. Watch the YouTube clip below to see the activity in action...

Directions for children:
1) Using a white crayon on white paper, press down hard while you colour and draw a loop-the-loops. Try to keep your crayon on the paper the whole time.

2) Now, using any colour you want, paint over what you just coloured and let's see what happens.


Directions for parents:
1) Point out how even though your child is drawing on the paper; you can't see the "invisible string." Just like the love we have for our family and our friends is always there connecting us, we just can't see it.

2) Look how the string shows up when you paint over it. When you think of [insert name here] they feel it connected all the way to their heart and they feel your love tug on them. Just like the colours show the invisible string, your love for each other shows the invisible string that connect you to [insert name here]

3) Who else are we connected to? (This includes you, other special grown-ups in their life, teachers, classmates etc.)


The Invisible String: Craft experience

Using pipe cleaners and beads create two hearts, each representing either side of the string. Along with the heart you can attach a note that says ‘Today, I made two hearts, each connected by an invisible string representing our love. I am keeping one with me and offering one to you. No matter where I am, this heart will be a reminder of our everlasting and unbreakable connection. Inspired by the book ‘The Invisible String’ by Patrice Karst.’


I wonder who your child will choose their second heart to be for? They could share it with a sibling or parent in the house, post to a family member living elsewhere or even tuck it somewhere safe to give it to a friend once we return to school. Even if the heart hasn't reached its final destination yet, it doesn't mean that the invisible string isn't already working. Hold your heart and give it a squeeze - can your friend feel the tug? I bet they can.



The Invisible String: Pictures (worksheet below)

Another great activity is a worksheet where the children draw themselves and who they feel most connected to by an invisible string. They can complete as many of these worksheets as they like to represent each person they feel connected to or they can draw multiple people in one box. The activity is designed to help them think of all the the wonderful connections they have with their friends and family. Both on Earth and in Heaven. Take this opportunity to show them they are loved by many people in their lives and help them feel grateful for these connections. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how far away they may be, the string can reach anywhere and everywhere.