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Ash Class

Welcome to Ash Class!

Year 2/3

Miss Francis 


I hope you have all had a lovely summer and are feeling recharged to start a new term. We will be kick starting our new term with the topic of 'Where in the world are we?'. Our class page will be updated regularly with exciting new information and things that we have been learning.

We are focusing on our value of " Respect" this term and will be discussing how we can show this towards ourselves and others in our daily lives.

I look forward to working with everyone involved at Churchill Primary School.   

Please have a look in our subject folders to see what we have been learning this term!


Welcome to Autumn term 2! 


In the lead-up to Christmas, we are now confident with the routine of learning in years 2 and 3 and are challenging ourselves to reach our full potential. This ties in with our school value of "Excellence" which will be our focus value this term. We will be discussing how we can strive for excellence in our learning, our behaviour and our attitude. 



Home Learning 20th November


As we have been learning about animals and habitats in Science, I would like you to:


Pick a habitat on earth, e.g. arctic, desert or ocean and invent a new animal, either carnivore or omnivore that would fit into that habitat. You can present this in anyway you wish. 


What to include:


Where is the animal's habitat?

How has it adapted to the habitat?

How does it find food?

Does the animal protect itself to any predator?

How does the animal take care of its young?

Why does your animal have to live in that particular habitat?


You may want to watch:

Seven Worlds on BBC David Attenborough



I can't wait to see the different animals you have created!

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