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Redwood Class

Welcome to Redwood class - Year 2/3

Welcome to Autumn term 2! 


In the lead-up to Christmas, we are now confident with the routine of learning in years 2 and 3 and are challenging ourselves to reach our full potential. This ties in with our school value of "Excellence" which will be our focus value this term. We will be discussing how we can strive for excellence in our learning, our behaviour and our attitude. 




 School Closure - 20/11/19


Unfortunately, the school has had to remain closed on Wednesday 20th November 2019. However, following on from our reflections on excellence on Monday, we can always find ways in which we can challenge ourselves and further our learning. 


  • Please check that you are up to date with your MyMaths tasks. I have added another task for today's maths.
  • Practise your handwriting and spelling by learning your common exception words (highlighted in the back of your reading records), concentrating on the correct letter formation and cursive joins. 
  • Get some more coins on Times Tables Rockstars! This will prepare you for our upcoming multiplication unit in maths, whilst you customise your avatar in the greatest new outfits. 
  • Read to an adult your school reading book. Show them how we question ourselves and clarify words/sentences that we don't understand using our Destination Reader techniques. 
  • Make sure that you have completed the topic grid homework that was due yesterday. 
  • Read up on Skara Brae to find out some more about the unique Neolithic settlement. You can find some useful information on We will be looking at this in next week's topic lesson.
  • If you use Lexia at school, show your adults how you use it and see if you can reach your minutes goal! 


I look forward to hearing what you have challenged yourself to when we see each other very soon.



Please have a look in our subject folders to see what we are learning this term! 


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