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Week 6

9.2.21 WALT: Find the difference

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10.2.21 WALT: Find Change

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Think About It Thursday


The final day of our 'Money' unit of work is all about solving money problems. Follow the link below to a series of challenge questions I've set you in a video I like to call Miss Pearson's Emporium. I need your super hot counting skills to help me work out the answers to these shopping questions. You'll need to use all your skills to help me count coins, work out the total cost, find the change and calculate the difference. Good luck!


** You might need to pause the video as you go and don't forget to record your working out on some squared paper.




Alrighty, the fun stuff is over and now it is CRUNCH TIME! No more learning money for you, it is time to get PLAYING SHOPKEEPER. Who here thinks they can BECOME the Quizmaster??

First step, watch my wondrous Emporium video again (with popcorn and a snuggly blanket). Take note, I:

  • emptied my purse to test coin recognition
  • counted the total 
  • included notes as well as coins
  • wrote price labels
  • my labels included pence AND pounds sometimes (£ p)
  • purchased multiple items 
  • asked for how much change would be left
  • hunted out some of the coolest stuff in my house wink


Today, your task is to SET UP SHOP and get selling. You might like to open a:

  • breakfast/lunch/coffee bar and serve food and drinks to your mum and dad
  • nail salon, painting with the finest colours and patterns imaginable 
  • flavoursome menu of inventive ice creams to tempt the tastebuds of your brothers and sisters
  • stall of your very own creation!


I am looking to see you create AT LEAST 6 different money-based challenges that use real-life items. Get practical and have some fun along the way. It would be so awesome if you could record your very own Emporium video and even get family members in on the action with selling so you can PROVE how good your money spending skills are.


If you don't fancy filming your shop, take photos along the way and make a collageI expect to see your written working out of answers for each of your 6 questions, please. No sneaking off with an ice cream and leaving without writing receipts!