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It is essential that your child continues to read daily to an adult and is given the opportunity to read a wide range of texts. On top of daily reading to an adult, please make the most of opportunities provided by online book providers (both audio-books and e-books).  

Destination Reader


We aim to upload our usual 4 lessons of reading per week. This will continue with the Hodgeheg which is the text your child has been studying at school. 


I have attached a pdf copy of the book if your child has not brought their copy of the book home.

Week 2

Week 1


Days 1-3 follow a similar structure as our daily reading lessons at school, obviously adapted to better suit the home learning environment. 


Day 4 this week is a non-fiction comprehension about hedgehogs. At the bottom of the page, there is a difficulty rating of 1, 2 or 3 stars. I would recommend that year 2s either try the 1 or 2 star comprehension (depending on their confidence). Very able readers may wish to attempt the 3 star comprehension.

Most year 3s should try the 3 star comprehension. 

They only need to do one version of this comprehension, either the 1, 2 or 3 star reading and questions. (Answers are included to help with marking).


Day 5 is where we do the big write at school and therefore do not have a dedicated reading lesson that day. I have added this week's big write onto the writing page of the middle school home learning area. 

Destination Reader Card

Destination Reader Card  1
Destination Reader Card  2

Redwood instructions

Redwood instructions 1
Redwood instructions 2

Ash Class Instructions

Ash Class Instructions 1
Ash Class Instructions 2
Beech Class Instructions
Picture 1
Picture 2