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NEWSFLASH 20.11.19

Home Challenges for a Chilly Wednesday

Feel free to record your challenges in your Home Learning Journals if you have not yet handed them in.

I hope you have a wonderful day - stay warm and have fun!



Christmas Counts


So far, we have met Mary, Joseph, the donkey and Caesar. These important characters have set the scene for our nativity story and we have learnt where the story begins and why a journey has to happen. This week we met Caesar Augustus, who ruled that we must walk to the place of our birth, be registered and counted, which leads us to your first challenge:


Census: As ruler of your bedroom/playroom land I would like you to call a census and register groups of your toys.

  • You could group them using our Science knowledge of materials (soft fabric toys/ plastic toys/ metal toys…). 
  • Once they are grouped around your room you will need to register their names (don’t forget to listen to each sound in their names and write down every sound you can hear).
  • Now comes the all-important counting! You could count each name and then write the total at the bottom of your page OR write the numbers next to each name
    1. Silver Fox
    2. Bumblebee
    3. Giant leopard…


Photos of your groups would be brilliant and if an adult could film you registering and counting that would be even more fabulous!



Innkeeper: Today in English we were due to be meeting our next character. So, on to your second challenge:


What is an Innkeeper? 

What makes them an important character in the Christmas story?


I would like you to do a little bit of investigation… Can you find out what job an innkeeper would have done at the time of Jesus’ birth. Why did they matter so much to the story? 


You could:

  • Read your Storyteller Bible and see if the innkeeper is mentioned. What does it say they said or did?
  • Visit the library and ask a librarian to help you find a Bible or book that talks about the innkeeper in the Christmas story.
  • Ask a grown up to help you search online. Remember, the internet is full of fantastic facts, stories and pictures but sometimes we find things we don’t like or are upsetting. Always use the internet with an adult and talk about what you see. They are there to help keep you safe on the computer as well as in real life.
  • Once you know have discovered who the innkeeper is, have a go at drawing them. You could draw 
    • just the innkeeper and the place they live in
    • the innkeeper with Mary and Joseph and the place they gave them
    • a cartoon storyboard with speech bubbles showing what Mary and Joseph said and the innkeeper’s replies



Finally, if you haven’t already completed our Home Learning challenge from last week, now is the perfect time! If you already created a shelter inside but fancy braving the outside world, let’s go for it :) Here it is again in case you don’t have your journal at home with you:


We would like you to build some form of shelter and read a story inside it. Your story shelter could be outside in the garden, deep in the woods, or even tucked up under a blanket between two chairs in your living room. The environment doesn’t matter; let your imagination run wild wherever you find yourself. The more extreme the better! Please take lots of photos or you could even ask an adult to film a video of your story time session and email it over to