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Term 4



Our question for exploration this term is: What did Jesus do to save human beings?


As we approach the important Christian festival of Easter, we will be reminding ourselves of the timeline surrounding the death of Jesus and examining how and why Christians view it as a sacrifice. 

Term 3


People of God

This term we will be exploring the question: how can following God bring freedom and justice?

This will involve examining the Bible as a historical document to discover what it can tell us about life for the Hebrew slaves in ancient Egypt. We will look closely at the connections between the story of Moses and the concepts of freedom
and salvation.

Term 2


Was Jesus the Messiah?

This term we will be consolidating our understanding of the major stories of Bible. As we begin to learn the stories of the New Testament, so we will look back at the end of the Old Testament to place our learning in a historical context. 

Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and realise how he came to be viewed as a saviour.