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Week 5

Week 5 is one of Mystery, Wonder

and tales of Adventure in far away places...


'Enoki' Tales



'Enoki' is the type of mushroom that you can see in the picture above. It is the Japanese name for it, as it's highly popular in Japan and therefore considered to be very special.


What do you think is happening here in this picture?


Warmed by the rays of the early evening sunshine, the Enoki Mushroom settled down against the trunk of a silver birch tree to read a story from his ancient book of ‘Enoki Tales.’ Two excited baby mushrooms perched themselves on a tiny tree root, eagerly wondering what thrilling adventure would be in store for them today. They had waited patiently all day for story time, and stories from this special book were their most favourite of all.


What kind of stories do you think you might find inside this book?


Perhaps the book contains tales of adventures to mysterious lands, with mushroom castles and magical mushroom kings. Or maybe there are stories about mushroom pirates who roam the seas on board their mushroom ships in search of treasure. There might even be stories about mushrooms who live in, and look after, their woodland home, protecting the tree fairies from the army of nasty, evil wood pixies.  


If you were to write a bedtime story for these two baby mushrooms, I wonder what you would include? Well, your BIG WRITE task today, is to do just that. Write a story that might belong in the book, 'Enoki Tales.'



Remember, your BIG WRITE environment is super special:

  • clear all distractions; turn the tv off and head away from brothers and sisters for a bit
  • find somewhere comfy to sit or lay on your tummy
  • play a little relaxing music softly in the background
  • maybe your home has a diffuser, incense sticks, or a scented candle that an adult can set up somewhere safely for you - this really helps to set the mood in the classroom 
  • start a timer; 30 minutes was our Y1 target in Aspen last term - what will your goal be?


Ready? Steady? WRITE!



You are very welcome to use the BIG WRITE paper provided below or, if you have a RED school book with handwriting lines, save a tree and write straight into there!

Reception BIG WRITE with even bigger ACTIONS!

Still image for this video
Reception...unsure how to bring your BIG WRITE story map to life? Why not act it out like we do in Talk4Writing! Roman took his BIG WRITE last week to a whole new level. Do you think you could do the same today?