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Humanities: Would the Vikings do anything for money??

Term 4

Would the Vikings do anything for money?

Our unit of work this term continues our historical focus on early settlements within the UK.

As we examine the legends that are the mighty Vikings, we will learn about their culture, mythology and beliefs. We will also look more closely at historical stereotypes and the evidence that either justifies or refutes popular views. 

Term 3


How is our country changing?

In this unit, the children will find out about the regions of the United Kingdom, discovering how some of these areas have changed over time. We will examine maps to focus on the physical and human geography of different areas and will also have a chance to think about how Westerham has changed throughout history.

Term 2


What impact did the Anglo-Saxons have on us?

We are going back in time this term to look more closely at the Anglo-Saxon settlers in Britain.


This is the story of a people affected by climate change, seeking new homes that would be safer from the floods that were threatening parts of Northern Europe.

Over hundreds of years many small tribes, each with their own king, fought to establish themselves in Britain.

Gradually the different clans became united and for another three hundred years, the Anglo-Saxons recognised one king as their leader. And then the Vikings arrived.......


Join us as we trace their thrilling history and ask the question: can we find parallels and make connections to our lives in Britain today?