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Phase 3 Phonics

Now you have learnt Phase 2 sounds you are ready for Phase 3 sounds. 

Are you ready to learn some sounds?  


Are you ready to improve your writing?  


Miss Francis is beginning to record phonics lessons for you to work through yourself at home, at your own pace. During these lessons you can pause at any time to have a go yourself.  


The PowerPoint for each session will be attached below if you want to download or print the tasks.  

The video recording will go through the answers. 


Please use handwriting paper or literacy books to practice writing sounds words and sentences.  


Lesson 1 - j v w x

Lesson 2 - y z zz qu

Lesson 3 - ch sh th ng 

Lesson 4 - ai ee high oa

Lesson 5 - oi or ar ow

Lesson 6 - oo (short) oo (long)

Lesson 7 - air 

Lesson 8 - ear 

Lesson 9 - ure 

Lesson 10 - ur er