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Y6 Residential Trip

Monday 14th October



Year 6 arrived safely at Windmill Hill after a smooth journey and some tuneful singing of The Wheels on the Bus (big shout-out to the driver who joined in with the beeps)! 
We’ve met our group leader Brandon and are happily settling into rooms and looking forward to dinner soon. 

The  itinerary is jam-packed with exciting activities and we can’t wait to get going tomorrow morning! 

More news to follow tomorrow (WiFi permitting)! 


Monday evening was Robot Wars! 

We gathered in the big house and the children were given a selection of materials to make their very own robot costume. 

Each group had to then perform a challenge to test out their costume: skipping, throwing beanbags and 'balloon keepy-uppy'. Cardboard boxes were quickly abandoned as the competition grew fierce, but the teams worked brilliantly together to amend their designs between challenges. 

Well done, Year 6, for providing us with some memorable moments! 

Tuesday 15th October


Happy Tuesday from Windmill Hill! 

Everyone slept well (eventually!) on Monday night and today we’ve had a great time on our first full day of activities. 
We’ve been puzzling out the orienteering maps, braving the giant swings and launching ourselves off trapezes..... and all before lunch! The rain couldn’t dampen our spirits and this afternoon we’ve been working blindfold along the sensory trail, shooting rifles and learning how to attach the carabiners ready for the super-exciting zipwire! 

Everyone was glad to get into a hot shower and we’re looking forward to the photo challenge this evening.

Wednesday 16th October


It's Wednesday at Windmill Hill and what an eventful day!


We've been rifle shooting, problem solving, raft building and mud slinging (although I'm not sure that one was an official activity)!

Year 6 have proved themselves amazing Aeroball players- it's a cross between trampolining and netball and had us all bouncing up and down with excitement.

All the children have kept huge smiles on their faces, through the sunshine and the rain! They are enjoying the fantastic food and sleeping well after so much fresh air and exercise.

We are all so proud of the way they support each other through the tasks and find the courage to attempt activities they never thought possible.


Tonight's game is Whacky Races and I can't wait for all the photo opportunities! 

Thursday 17th October


And on Thursday, the sun came out at Windmill Hill!


Apart from a brief shower this morning, we’ve had the best weather of the week, which is just as well because we’ve been outside all day. Climbing walls, trapezes, zip wires, challenge courses, archery..... nothing has defeated our intrepid Year 6s! The team spirit is going from strength to strength and all that remains now is to get down at the disco tonight to celebrate our last night here! 


The excitement is intense........ See you all tomorrow!

Friday 18th October



It’s our last morning at PGL and Year 6 are all enjoying fencing and abseiling in the sunshine! Fingers crossed the rain holds off until we’re safely on the coach after lunch.

We were up bright and early, packing clothes and bedding - be prepared for your washing machines to be working overtime this weekend!

We’re all flagging slightly after a non-stop week and looking forward to seeing our families, but still smiling and encouraging each other on our last few adventures.

See you all soon!