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Our topic for terms 3 and 4 is Maafa. 

Please look at the knowledge organiser below for an overview of this topic's content. 

Maafa Knowledge Organiser


At Churchill,we use a system of teaching reading called Destination Reader.

The children have a daily reading lesson of an hour and in this time they are taught and practise reading skills whilst reading a well-chosen text.

This term, the children are reading 'Deadman's Cove by Lauren St John.


We use TALK For Writing approach throughout the school.

In year 6, the children have an hours writing lesson a day on Monday - Thursday and on Fridays they complete a BIG WRITE where the children are given a writing stimulus - most commonly in the form of a photo, piece of art or a short video clip or film - and encouraged to write at length using their imagination.

In term 3, the children were taught to write information texts which were based on their own research on an African country of their choice (as this links to the Maafa topic) and they wrote free form poetry. This is a form of poetry which doesn't follow any rules but needs to create strong imagery through the use of well-chosen words and figurative language.


In term 4, the children will start by writing fantasy quest stories and looking at ways in which dialogue can be effectively incorporated into the writing to move the plot along.