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Lesson 1a: Exploring Portraits


In this lesson we are going to be looking at drawings that have been drawn by different artists. 


KEY VOCABULARY (Only super artists know these words)

Write down some key words in your book: 

  • Artist
  • Portrait 
  • Self-Portrait 
  • Features 


Here is some help if you are stuck



TASK 1A (LOOKING): Have a look at these drawings and answer these questions: 


What is similar about these drawing?

What are the drawings of? 



Now that you have discovered that all of these drawing are all portraits (drawing of people). We can begin to ask more questions, looking more closely at them. 


Choose two or more drawing to compare and discuss the following questions 

Do both people look the same age?
Is one portrait more detailed than the other?
Do you think both people are feeling the same way?
Are the colours the same or different in both portraits? Were both portraits created in the same way?
How are the people in both portraits similar?
How are the people in both portraits different?
Do you think the portraits were created at the same time? Which portrait do you think is the oldest?
Are both people wearing similar clothes?
Which portrait do you like the best? Why?

Is there a picture that you do not like? Why? 


TASK 2A - Have a look at the pictures again, what features can you see (for example eyes)? 

How many features can you spot in the drawing? 




Using the the mediums you have in the house (don't worry if you have only got a pencil, that can be just as effective - please don't go and buy resources), you are going to draw a self portrait of yourself. Use the mirror to help you draw your features. Take your time, there is no rush! If you have other mediums then maybe have a go with a different type of drawing resource. 



Once you have drawn a self portrait you can answer the following questions:

Which parts did you find easier to draw? Why?

Which features did you find harder to draw? Why?

Is there anything you would improve on next time? 

Which was the easiest medium to draw with? 

What do you notice when you draw with .........(for example crayon) compared to a (....... colouring pencil)?



Upload your photos to dojo, myself (Miss Francis) and Mrs Jax would love to see them! 

We can even put them in our Gallery folder to share with all your friends!