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Back in September, Year 1 began a new maths mini-session every afternoon called BRAIN DRAIN! Designed to mystify and mash even the brightest of buttons, this has turned out to be one of our favourite activities (and all buttons refuse to be even a little bit crushed by our toughest of challenges - d'oh!).


So, what do you do?

  • choose your difficulty level
  • set the clock (10 minutes)
  • complete the task
  • record your time if you finish before the clock!
  • repeat the same task 5 days in a row


What do you need to look out for?

  • number formation - is each digit formed correctly AND the right way round - no points awarded if you're backwards!
  • presentation - improving your time doesn't mean scruffy handwriting - you can't mark something you can't read
  • the correct answer - of course these do matter :) After you have completed your BRAIN DRAIN! each day, take a look through your work. When you compare it to the answer sheet, what do you notice? Take a couple of minutes to practise what went wrong. Remember, mistakes prove you are trying. Try, try, try again and the results really will improve.

** Leans forward to whisper **

Pssst, Reception... Do you want to have a sneaky go at BRAIN DRAIN! too? I bet your Year 1 buddies would fall off their chairs if they saw you could answer tricky questions just like they do!