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Year 1 Week 14 

If you have the book ‘How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers at home read it either on your own or to a grown up. If you don’t have the book you can watch the video here...

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers

Activity 1 

The table below contains all the events that happen within the story 'How to Catch a Star', but they'r all muddled up! Can you cut them out and stick them back into the correct order of events? Or you could write them in the correct order.

Extension: Can you add adjectives to the sentences to add more detail to the story?

Activity 2


Create your own story map to help you retell the story. Remember to add simple actions too. I have attached an example below to give you some ideas:


Activity 3

Retelling the story - Complete the chart for the story of ‘How to Catch a Star’ and add as much detail as you can.

Activity 4


How to catch a…

What might you want to catch? Maybe a mermaid, an alien or a unicorn. Maybe a planet, a cloud or moonlight. It’s up to you.

Write sentences to explain why you want to catch your chosen idea.

I want to catch a ____ because ______________________.

Challenge – Can you write instruction on how you might catch it?



Activity 5

Positive Adjective Star

You are all stars! Write your name in the middle of the star and then fill your star with adjectives that describe you.

For example, kind, brave, creative and loving.

Reception Week 14 



Enjoy listening to Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson

This week we are going to write our own story about a hermit crab. You can think of a name for your crab and write about it's adventure under the sea. What kind of shell does it find to live in? Does it have any friends? You can draw some pictures to go with your writing and don't forget to create a lovely front cover. Remember to be as creative as possible! See if you can use your joined up writing as well as finger spaces between words. There are some photos below of books I have created to give you the idea.


Other Learning Ideas: 

Play I am thinking of a sea creature

-Look on the internet or in non fiction books to find out facts about hermit crabs. I have uploaded a clip by David Attenborough which is an interesting watch and the children will love watching real hermit crabs!

-Make a paper plate crab -see picture below.

-Investigate real shells and draw them. Can you hear the sea if you put it next to your ear?

-Paint real shells to make your own shell garden - see picture below. 




Amazing Crabs Shell Exchange | Life Story | BBC Earth

She Sells Sea Shells Singalong

Join in with this lovely calm song:



One of the children's favourite activities at school is handwriting practice! Have a go at practicing writing our high frequency words on some lined paper. Remember; letters b, d, h, k l and t have ascending lines that are high and letters f, g, j, p, q and y have descending lines that are low. 



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