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Practical Handwriting Ideas

Welcome to the practical handwriting page!

Your children will fall in love with learning how to write different letters in exciting ways. 


It can be tricky learning how to form letters correctly and it takes muscle memory to retain the right way. Children often create their own ways to form letters which are incorrect and the brain needs to be retrained, using the whole body (gross motor skills) and tactile resources helps to embed the correct formation. It is also important for children to have good gross motor skills in order for them to have strong pencil control (fine motor skills) - as well as it being more interesting! Over time it will become easier when they come to write with pencil and paper if they have practised the letters bigger first. 

Different ideas for practising handwriting

Using chalks

Still image for this video
You can also use water and a paint brush.

Rice and paint brush

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As well as rice this can be done with salt, sand, glitter, lentils etc. (I recommend not eating the rice afterwards, keep it aside for another day.)