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Week 2

SESSION 3: Animal Patterns


We are LEARNING to

Use a range of materials creatively to design and make products.

Use textural materials, including paper and fabric, to create a simple collage.


Super Useful FACT

Collage is an art technique where different materials are layered and stuck down to create artwork.


Useful Links



TASK: Recreate animal patterns using a range of materials 

Explore the range of animal markings images attached below for inspiration. Look at these four first of all - what similarities and differences can you see?

Think and talk about the patterns you can see using vocabulary such as:

  • spotty
  • spotted
  • speckled
  • scaly
  • stripy
  • stripes
  • dots
  • dotty
  • patchy


Choose one or two patterns that catch your eye. Use hard and soft pencils to draw the lines you can see; exploring the animal skin patterns. 


Then use a range of collage materials to make textures and patterns based on your drawings and the natural markings of a range of animal skins and furs. Manipulate your materials by using layering, tearing, cutting, rolling and gluing techniques to make each collage.


  • Which seems most like the real animal pattern, your original line drawing or your collage?
  • Why do you think collage makes the pattern appear more real?
  • What impact do you think adding a mixture of textures has?



Practical Resources

  • Animal markings examples (below)

  • Range of different pencils

  • Print making and collage resources
  • Scissors
  • Glue