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Term 2: Bounce

Topic: Bounce!

This term we are ready to 'Bounce'. Are you? PE skills are the focus of our new topic - throw, catch, roll, jump, hop and many more skills will be required. 


Parents!! Expect your children to put you through your paces with some of the homework activities including an exercise regime (although be sure to make sure they join in too rather than standing watching with a clipboard and timer)


Wind down afterwards to relax your bodies - maybe a bit of yoga or relaxing on the sofa.  


Please see our Bounce homework grid for our home learning ideas.  



18.12.18 Christmas fun continued 

As Father Christmas starts stacking his sleigh ready for deliveries, Elm class having been partying like it’s 1999, enjoying some delicious party food treats and showing off some of their talents as you can see in the pictures and videos below...

14.12.18 Christmas Jumper Day

Elm class have been getting in the Christmas spirit with lots of lovely Christmas jumpers.



12.12.18 Bubble fun!

It’s been a while since Chessington World of Adventures said goodbye to 'The Bubble Works' but fear not, Elm classroom has made its own version this week whilst trying to answer questions about bubbles. Did you know that bubbles can bounce? Or that you can put your hand through one? We’ve had great fun with straws, washing up liquid and hoops making bubbles and I apologise now if your child asks to recreate our lesson using the bath tub - I didn’t give them that idea, honestly!!



Also this week, the children have been getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoyed their special Christmas dinner, as well as the treats that came out of the crackers...


30.11.18 Maths homework for Mr Jones' group

This week, my Maths group should try to do 'Target Number'. The idea is that you pick a number and see how many different ways you can make the number. Spend 10-15 minutes trying it out. Do your work on a piece of paper and hand it in to me. Choose your number. Either 14, 27 or 61.


Mr Jones




It's been wonderful to see how our new topic has started with a bounce. Some wonderful homework has been coming in: pictures of different shaped spheres around the home (even Christmas baubles ready for the tree); some interesting sports played by family members such as polo and hockey; and some information about the jumpiest animals (jumping spiders sound terrifying).


It's also been great to see the children's favourite sports, with some interesting surprises such as Nascar racing and banger racing. In addition, a couple of games have appeared which have been fun to try and play.


I'm still looking forward to seeing what exercise routines the children might plan for their family so be prepared to dust off your running shoes!!


T2 Homework Grid