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Ready for your next mission? Look over your shoulder to check no-one is sneaking a peek and then scroll in...


Secret FILE #2 - Timelines

In Mission 1, you correctly identified the 'Stages of Human Life' and were able to put them in order. We know that humans are classified (labelled) as babies first, then toddlers, then children...and so on.


This time you are going to be exploring your own childhood in a little more depth. 



You will need:

  • photographs of yourself as a baby
  • photographs of yourself as a toddler
  • photographs of yourself as a child (like a photo of you right here, right now, today!)
  • 3 stages of life word cards below


Your mission:

  1. Use your timeline knowledge from last time to help you place the word cards in order (from youngest to oldest)
  2. Can you match your photographs with the correct word card label? Sort your photographs into piles to match the categories.
  3. Sequence your photographs to make a personal timeline, starting from the oldest photo to the most recent. Can you talk about your photos and explain why you placed each one where?


Which photograph comes first on your timeline? Where will you place the photograph of you as a toddler? Which photograph will be last on your timeline? 



Good luck on your hunt and make sure to dig deep inside those photo albums to find lots of wonderful photos. Please upload JUST ONE photograph or video of your finished timeline to Class Dojo. 


Reception: you could ask a grown up to type your ideas into the comments section beside your photo, or record your voice talking in a video as you walk along your timeline. 


Year 1: you could also record yourself with a commentary as you explore your timeline or, FOR BONUS POINTS, can you write a couple of sentences explaining your reasons behind where you placed your photos. How did you know that you were a baby here or a toddler there? What clues are there around you? What skills and strengths did or didn't you have that suggest what age you were? Are there dates or specific clothes included (like school uniform?). Record these full sentence ideas in your secret notebook and send me an additional photo to Dojo.