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Lesson 3 - ch sh th 'th' ng

Lesson 3 begins with ch sh th 'th' ng


From now on we will be introducing digrapahs and trigraphs

Digraphs - Are two letters that make one sound. 

Trigraphs - Are three letters that make one sound. 


Dots - One letter representing one sound. 

Dashes - More than one letter representing one sound ( digraphs and trigraphs) 


There are two videos 


The first one video is the powerpoint explaining the tasks!

The powerpoint are full of activities you can have a go at or print. 


Powerpoint walk though: 


The second video is me going through the answers. You might need to look at me going through the video with the powerpoint up on the screen. 





Powerpoint is attached below


Have fun learning these sounds. 


The more you practice the better you become! 



Recap Phonic Flashcards 

Phonic flashcards revises all phase 2 sounds, going through flashcards/fans and learning by rote. Here is the link to online flashcards to practise or if you have flashcards at home that is brilliant

Phase 3 Phonics Lesson 3 - ch sh th th ng Powerpoint and activities