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Lesson 2a: Funny Faces

Welcome to Lesson 3


I hope you had good fun chopping yourself up on the laptop and placing where each feature goes on your face! It does look bit silly! 


In this lesson we are going to be using our features that we have already looked at and create a collage. 


Some more words to add to your list! Your word list must be growing now! Make sure you don't loose it! 

  • Collage 
  • Composition 


TASK 1 (LOOKING): Have a look at their picture card. 

How do you think an artist might have made one. 


Well I can tell you that faces are made using a technique called collage, which are pictures made by sticking photographs and pieces of paper onto a backing.


In fact you can make it in two ways: 

The first way you could create a collage is on on the computer/phone/tablet any device. 



How to make a funny face collage on a device! 

1) First, copy yourself onto a document or pages or any place with a white background. 

2) After that, go and search the internet (only if this is safe to do so by an adult) looking for different features. Copy a 

feature(Control P or Command P). 

3) Next, go back to your face and paste the feature from the internet onto your page. 

4) You might need tomake it smaller or bigger and move it to the place on your face. When you hover over the picture arrows will appear around it use these to move it and the size of it. 


5) If the picture is behind the photo of you then you will need to right click so you can make the picture come infront of text.


6) Search for a many features as you want to put on there. 


How to make a funny face with a magazine or newspaper! 

1) First, grab some magazines or newspaper. 

2) Then, print out a picture of yourself (either black and white or in colour, doesn't matter|) 

​​​​​​​3) Next, cut out some features in the magazine or newspapers or off the internet. 

4) Finally, stick all the features to your face that you printed off. 



Now have a go yourself.

Use the step by step guide to help you make your composition. 

Miss Francis' version's are above. 

I am sure that yours will be so much better than mine!

Be as imaginative as you like! 


Back ground templates and features are attached bellow if you wish to use these! 



What part of the collage do you like?


If you had to do another collage what would you do differently? 

What was the most challenging part? 

Can you describe how you created your collage? 



Upload your photos to Dojo. Myself (Miss Francis) and Mrs Jax would love to see them! We can't wait to see how hilarious and wacky they are! 

We can even put them in our Gallery folder to share with all your friends! 






Useful websites to create funny faces