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Family Trees

Ready for your next mission? Look over your shoulder to check no-one is sneaking a peek and then scroll in...


Secret FILE #976 - Family Trees

Time to shine your magnifying glass beyond yourself and include your family.



We shall begin with an info video. Come close...

Still image for this video

Ah, I see! A FAMILY TREE is a diagram that shows the relationship between people in several generations of a family; a little bit like levels. Family Trees can be designed in many different ways and take up A LOT of paper if there are lots of family members!


TASK 1: Let's explore William's family tree. Here is more info about William to read (or have read to you):


When you have read it through once, open up:

  • the family tree template
  • William's family cut outs

Have a think/chatter about what a family tree shows. Can you build William's family tree using the text?

PARENTS: Encourage your child to talk about William's family and the relationships between them. Invite them to ask and answer questions, such as:

  • Who are William's parents?
  • Who are William's grandmothers?
  • What is his Dad’s mum called?

Challenge them to consider what your own family tree might look like and explore the idea that everybody’s family tree will look different because each family is unique.



TASK 2: Can you build your OWN family tree? You could use the template below, draw your own on plain paper (or in your exercise book) or EVEN make a whole family tree MODEL!!


When you are finished, why not find someone in your family to share your work with (you could even invite Granny and Grandpa to a Zoom family meeting!). Can you explain the relationships between yourself and other family members in your tree? Are they your dad? Sister? Uncle? Great Aunt?