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Lesson 4 - Week beginning 25th January


INCARNATION What does it mean? Can you explain it?


Read the PowerPoint presentation, there are speech buttons to help you. Then do the activity. Finally do not forget to upload your work on Class Dojo.


I look forward to seeing and reading your pictures and thoughts to explain Incarnation   

Mrs Tyrrell

Lesson 2 - The Gospels


Please work through the PowerPoint introducing the Gospels, then complete the questions at the end. 


I have included the audio again, as most of you have been able to use this effectively. Unfortunately, there have been some issues with playing the audio if you use some Apple products. I haven't been able to find a way around this, however the audio is only reading through what is included in the PowerPoint. Therefore, even if the audio is not working for you, you can still complete your learning.


Keep up the great work! 

Lesson 1 - The Trinity


I have recorded audio for this PowerPoint so that you are able to access the learning as independently as possible. Please let me know if this isn't working for you and I will try to fix it! 


You should be able to watch the PowerPoint as a slide show and click on the speaker button to hear my narration.


I look forward to seeing your Trinity symbols on Class Dojo! 

Week beginning 4th January 2021