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Childhood in the 1950's

Ready for your next mission? Look over your shoulder to check no-one is sneaking a peek and then scroll in...


Secret FILE #999 - Interviewing 

Time to shine your magnifying glass beyond yourself and include your  great grandparents. 


Vocabulary for your notebooks - They must be getting really full now! 📓

  • Rations 
  • Difference 
  • Artefacts 


TASK 1: Let's explore some photos. Pick a few photos that you would like to share with your grandparents. Photos are attached below in the secret folder. Write a few questions using the photos you choose ( max 5) as you are going to use these photos to interview them. For example: 

  • What games did you play in the 1950s? 
  • What were the shops like? 
  • Tell me what you did at school?


Lets get to the video video. Come close... 


PARENTS: Encourage your child to talk to their grandparents using the pictures to help them talk about what is happening.


Your turn - Using your photos and questions interview your grandparents. 


TASK 2: Write a few sentences about what you have learnt. Maybe you could retell orally retell what your grandparents told you. 


When you are finished, why not find someone in your family to share your work.