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Lesson 1b: Proportion

Welcome to Lesson 2 


I hope you had good fun looking at yourself and working out different features on your face! It is quite weird all the different features and where they are placed on our faces. 


In this lesson we are going to be looking at how the features are in proportion to each other.  



Some more words to add to your list! Plus never leave you book open for other people to read! 

  • Proportion
  • Size 


TASK 1A (LOOKING): When it comes to drawing ourselves we have to look really closely at where each feature goes on our face, as our ears are not all the way down by our mouth and our eyes are not half way down our heads. That would look a bit funny! 


Here is a cut up picture of Miss Francis - you need to try to put the puzzle together to ensure the features on her face match. 


1B YOUR TURN (CREATING) - You can find a picture of yourself and see if you can put it back together again. You can print a photo out of yourself or you could do this on the computer. Have a go, it made Miss Francis laugh! 


Did you notice that the paper is in strips, showing different features of the face: 

1. Forehead

2. Eyes and eyebrows 

3. Nose

4. Mouth 

5. Chin

This will help you when it come to having another go at drawing a self-portrait. 



Step 1: First, draw an oval shape that fits your page. 

Step 2: Next, draw 5 faint lines that are about the same width as each other! 

Step 3: After that, draw your nose in the middle of the face (Strip 3) 

Step 4: Then, draw your mouth underneath your nose. 

Step 5: Draw your eyes either side of your nose and your eyebrows above your eyes.

Step 6: Add your hair on top of your head! I don't think anyone is bald yet! 

Step 7: Rub out your faint lines. 



Now have a go yourself.

Use the step by step guide to help you have a go at drawing another self-portrait. 

Here is Miss Francis' version above. 

I am sure that yours will be so much better than mine! cheeky



What did you find easy to draw? Why? 

What was hard to draw? Why? 

What could you try next time?

How did the lines help you with drawing? 



Upload your photos to Dojo. Myself (Miss Francis) and Mrs Jax would love to see them! 

We can even put them in our Gallery folder to share with all your friends! 









Miss Francis Cut up pictures