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Please continue to read daily at home. Remember, reading to your child is an important as listening to them read to you! 


If you read a particularly good book, it would be great if you could write a short book review about it to recommend it to your classmates! Here are some questions you could answer about it:


What was the book about?                  What was your favourite part?


Who was your favourite character?       Who else do you think would like the book?


Can you make connections to other texts you know?


Please find some useful links at the bottom of the page...


For the next two weeks in reading and writing, we will be working on The Iron Man, written by Ted Hughes. I will upload the book below, but please don't rush ahead to read all of it at once. It's much more fun to share the story together, making predictions and inferences as we go. That said, don't worry at all if you have already read it - you will still get a lot out of it the second time around. 



Week 4 The Iron Man 25 - 29th Jan 2021

Week 3 Reading The Iron Man 18th - 22nd Jan 2021

Week 2 Reading The Iron Man 11th - 15th Jan 2021

Wednesday 6th Jan

Thursday 7th Jan

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