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Roots to Food

The children have really enjoyed a repeat visit from the Roots to Food company. They have learnt how to create the dish Chicken Rogan Josh with Sultana Rice and Naan Bread Fingers. 


The hall was a flurry of activity, with Birch class in the midst of culinary creativity. They learned the correct way to chop and cut vegetables, as well as where the ingredients came from. Along with creating the food themselves, the children thoroughly enjoyed sampling their creations with great enthusiasm. The few children who were hesitant at the beginning had no issue with eating the curry and dived straight in with the rest of us! 


“I tried a pepper today!”

”Can I make that at home?”

”That was so much fun, can I have some more?”

were just a few quotes from today’s session. I’m sure your children will have told you all about it. 


The Roots for Food company have given the children the recipe to take home for the children to recreate and enjoy with you at home.