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Week 6

Hot Write: Instructions

Using your plan from Thursday's lesson last week, today is culmination of all of your learning about instructional writing. In your neatest handwriting, and using the instructions features checklist, your task today is to carefully write out your set of 'How to' instructions.

Don McLean - Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics

Don McLean's Vincent (Starry,Starry Night) Almost all images created by Vincent Van- Gogh. Song by Don McLean I in no way assume any credit for song or images.

Underneath the Stars by Kate Rusby, with images from the HST

⭐️ Music

Tuesday 9th February


Read the story 'Alfie's Star' and complete the talk task questions.

Grammar Task


Work through the activities on the BBC Bitesize page to learn about compound words before completing the 'compound words' grammar task.

Stories with a similar theme:

Wednesday 10th February


In the story 'Alfie's Star', a star fell from the sky and was used by the animals in three different ways. Imagine if you saw the moon fall to earth! Who might find it? How could they use the moon? The pictures below might give you some ideas. Use your ideas to change the story. For example, you could use your own name in the title. Use the plan, and spend some time thinking about what happens.



* First decide on your main character

* Then decide on three things that happen when the moon falls.

* Use the boxes on the story mountain the record your ideas and in the last box, show the moon happily shining in the night sky again.


It is okay to hug the original story and use can magpie some of the words or phrases from the original to use in your version.


Thursday 11th February


As learners we are often restricted by the confines of curriculum and it is so important that we also take the time to explore and nourish our creativity and imagination. As humans, we do not move, think or speak in straight lines. As individuals, we each see things from our own unique perspective.  Today we are going to using the charming book 'Harold and the Purple Crayon' by Crockett Johnson as a tool for letting our imagination roam freely. 


Activity 1


You will need a piece of paper and a pencil for this activity. If you have a purple one, grab that, but if not then any colour will do.


As you listen to me read the story, I want you to draw what you hear.  Upload a copy of your picture when it is complete and we will compare them all. I guarantee that despite all hearing the same story, all of your pictures will look completely different.

Activity 2

Create your own story. You might like to write a different version of the Harold story using the picture start below.


Or you can make a mark on your page and simply begin to draw, telling a story as you go.