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Animal Movements


Let's have a think about the ways that familiar animals move and explore them through movement and dance. We are going to have fun with animal-like movements at rest and on the move by:

  • curling
  • stretching
  • climbing
  • jumping
  • balancing
  • rolling


You could use large and small apparatus such as a bench or sofa or chair, balls and hoops as well as the floor. Even a range of surfaces like wooden floor, gravel drivewaygrass lawn and paddling pool water will alter the way you move and make different sounds beneath your feet (or knees or tummy!).



Check out these websites to see animals moving in their natural habitats



TASK: Are you able to crouch and pounce like a tiger?

          Spring and leap like a hare?

          Arch and prowl like a kitten? 

          Slither and snake like... well, a snake!


I would like you to demonstrate a number of different animal movements. Find a big open space to creep or dash around and make sure you are wearing something loose and flexible with trainers or bare feet, just like we would at school. You could wear your school PE kit or even dress up like the creature you are imitating!! 


Don't forget to warm your body up before you start - give yourself a stretch, have a jiggle and a wiggle from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes.


Ask someone at home to film your movement sequences and upload these to Dojo. I am hoping to make a giant video sequence with all your videos and maybe even some real animal movement clips too - let's make it look totally awesome.