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Coming soon...... Viking Boy lessons will continue online as soon as Mrs Carter has created the powerpoints! 

Term 4

Our reading this term is connected to our humanities work studying the Vikings. After looking at some non-fiction texts to gain some information, we will be reading Viking Boy by Tony Bradman.

Gunnar is the son of a Viking chieftain who sets out on a quest to avenge the invaders who destroyed his family. With mystical gods, bloodthirsty battles and epic voyages, it is a thrilling insight into Viking life and culture!



In addition to Viking Boy, which we will focus on during reading lessons, we will also learn more about Norse mythology through our book at story time. The legends of the Vikings tell of how the world was created and how it will be destroyed - only to begin again!


Term 3


Our reading book this term is a mystery novel set in modern-day Britain. Laura Marlin is sent to Cornwall to live with her uncle in a small, sleepy town by the sea. But life is St Ives is not as quiet Laura thinks it will be, and she soon finds herself embroiled in adventures, intrigue and danger! 

Welcome to Dead Man's Cove!

Term 2


As part of our focus on Black History Month, our reading this term begins with a week studying poetry by black authors. We are looking at poems that reference the cultural heritage of the poets and considering the rich imagery used to engage the reader. 




Our main text this term links to our new topic, which asks the question: What impact did the Anglo-Saxons have?


We are reading non-fiction texts for some background information, before launching ourselves into the blood and thunder of Beowulf! This ancient saga has been retold for children by Michael Morpurgo, so prepare to gasp in horror and amazement as brave warriors battle with ancient monsters.......