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Y1: Week 3

So, what do you do?

  • choose your difficulty level
  • set the clock (10 minutes)
  • complete the task
  • record your time if you finish before the clock!
  • repeat the same task 5 days in a row


What do you need to look out for?

  • number formation - is each digit formed correctly AND the right way round - no points awarded if you're backwards!
  • presentation - improving your time doesn't mean scruffy handwriting - you can't mark something you can't read
  • the correct answer - of course these do matter :) After you have completed your BRAIN DRAIN! each day, take a look through your work. Take a couple of minutes to practise what went wrong. Remember, mistakes prove you are trying. Try, try, try again and the results really will improve.

Please note: if you do not have a printer, all is not lost! Your child is fine to answer this BRAIN DRAIN on paper as almost every question just requires a series of number sentences. The final question requires a written sentence or two but that does not have to be on the given paper either. So long as you are able to leave a device in front of them to read the questions from, they should hopefully be fine 🤞🏻. 


We are working hard to design every lesson to be accessible in different ways as we have many families without printers.