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Middle School Bubble Year 3 and 4 Maths - Week 5 July 2021


Please go to your Math's group to select your daily Maths lessons. Remember to check your answers. Challenges and Arithmetic to practise will be available soon.


Please keep practising your Arithmetic with these daily challenges, answers are provided so you can check your work and correct any mistakes.




We are completing our unit on 3D shapes


Spr2.9.4 - Patterns with 3D shapes



We are continuing with our unit on measuring.

Spr3.8.1 - Compare lengths



We are completing our unit on decimals looking at a rounding activity.

Sum4.2.2 - Round decimals activity

Mrs Gillinder's Maths Tutorials - Winston's Maths


Mrs Gillinder has been making wonderful videos teaching different concepts in maths. Some videos she will be uploading could be suitable for years 2 and up. Please have a look and challenge yourselves! 

White Rose Maths


At school, we use White Rose Maths to support the planning of our maths lessons across the school. White Rose have put together 4 lessons a week for each year group, specifically for home learning. This includes activities and teaching videos. This, alongside your Doodlemaths, will help you to continue your fantastic learning in maths over the coming weeks. 



White Rose Home Learning - Week 4 (w/c 11th May)


From this week, White Rose will continue to upload videos for 4 lessons a week and a Friday maths challenge, but the accompanying worksheets will be part of a premium package. 

Therefore we will upload the weekly worksheets for you on this page so that you can continue to complete the related activities.