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Week 1

Why might Christians pray?


Meet Hannah, she is a Christian and goes to Church with her family each week. Hannah enjoys spending time talking to God in prayer. She often writes her prayers in her prayer diary.



Activity 1: Read some of her prayers.

I wonder why Hannah prayed each of these prayers? Draw a line to match the prayer to the reason.



For Christians, prayer is a two conversation they have with God.

As you saw in Hannah’s prayers, there are many different types of prayer. Christians pray to share their life with God, to thank and praise him for all he has done for them and to listen to what he has to say to them.

Christians know that God hears all their prayers, but will answer them in different ways. This is because Christians believe that God knows all about them so knows what is best for them.

A response might be: Yes   No   Wait- not yet   Thank you   I agree


Read the prayers in the pdf below. What might a Christian think God will give to each of them?