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Week 4

What does Salvation mean to Christians?


Look carefully at the icon card for Salvation.

What do you notice?




Now look at this picture. What is happening?



The person on the edge of the swimming pool is using the life ring to help save the person who is struggling in the water. The person in the water puts the life ring over their head to help them float and the person on the edge uses the rope to pull them to safety.


Why do you think there is a life ring on the icon card for Salvation?


What does this teach you about what Salvation means to Christians?



Where is Salvation and the Easter story in the Big story of the Bible?

Watch the video below to remind you of the Big Story of the Bible.



Here are some words you will need to help you in this unit.

Activity 1: Thought Bubble - Why does Easter matter to Christians?

Activity 2: What can you remember about Gospel, the Good News that Jesus brought?