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Stages of Life

Our topic is entitled 'Time Detectives' and much of our learning will centre around childhood

You are all experiencing childhood right now but how much do you actually know about it? What about the others stages of human life? Other facts and stories about people in your family? Even information about childhood 70 years ago in the 1950s?


This is the place we'll become detectives, forever on the hunt for clues and leaving no stone unturned!


My name is Detective Who-Knows and I am your chief. You are one of just a select few chosen to be on the Time Detectives team. We have heard you are a hard-worker, determined, curious and excellent note-takers.

Before you begin your missions, we need you to gather together a few important items:

  • ID Badge - complete one of the templates below and DON'T FORGET to include an imaginative detective name. 
  • ID Photo (for face scan entry to secret files) - all the best detectives wear a lucky hat with glasses, make sure you wear yours in your ID photo. Plus be holding a magnifying glass made of metal, plastic or paper of course!
  • Black Book - you'll need somewhere to record your top-secret notes. This could be a notebook, file, folder or even a mini book made of folded over plain paper.

Mission 1: Stages of Human Life

Still image for this video